Physical wellness to suit everyone

Our well-being is steeped in tradition

Our approach is to deliver engaging new habits for the for the individual, attendee or company employee to try, adopt & take away, rather than 'flash in the pan' tasks. The backdrop of martial arts and the samurai heritage will be leveraged to garner a unique level of fascination that many wellness programs omit. 

The following activities are dovetailed into wider corporate wellness plans or event schedules. We create engaging activities to be taken by everyone, which can be planned during event schedules, company meetings, personal time or as allocated times during a work day.

The activies focus on;

• Movement (ki / chi energy) for flexibility (suitable for everyone)

• Meditation for calming the mind

• Breathing and focus (being in the moment)

• Dealing with non-physical aggression and stressful situations

• Nutrition & Diet

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